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Clinical Mental Health Services
Darsey, Black and Associates, LLC is proud to maintain a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to
meet your needs.

Clinical Staff:

William Darsey, M.A., LPC
Owner/Clinical Director/Licensed Professional Counselor

Will Darsey opened Darsey, Black and Associates in 1991.  As a native  of Hinesville,         Mr.
Darsey graduated from Bradwell Institute before studying at Armstrong Atlantic State University and
The University of Alabama.  He holds a Masters of Arts degree in Educational Psychology as well
as multiple National Board Certifications in Clinical Mental Health and Addiction Counseling.  He
has dedicated his life to providing mental health and substance abuse services, and remains
committed to improving the quality of life for citizens of coastal Georgia.  Mr. Darsey serves as a
board member at Liberty Regional Medical Center, where he collaborates with other professionals
to improve the quality of care available to individuals in our community.

Tommy Black, Ph.D., LPC
Co-Owner/Clinical Supervisor/Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Tommy Black is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in private practice since
1998. Currently he serves as the Chair of the Georgia Composite Board for Professional
Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage & Family Therapists. He also serves as the Chair of the
Rules Committee and on the Advisory Panel for the National Board of Forensic Evaluators.

Dr. Black has extensive experience and training in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, REBT, and DBT.
He works with a myriad of life issues but has particular expertise in Grief/Loss, Depression,
Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Impulse Control Issues, Relationship difficulties, and Adjustment

A veteran of the Gulf War (1990-1991) while serving in the U.S. Army, Dr. Black has years of
personal and professional experience in understanding and helping others cope with the specific
trials of military services for active duty individuals and their families.

Rebecca Morris, MSW, LCSW
Assistant Clinical Supervisor/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rebecca Morris came to Georgia as a military spouse.  She has years of experience working with
children and families in the coastal region.  Rebecca is committed to assisting children and
families in preserving relationships and improving functioning.  She helps develop policies and
assists in providing supervision in order to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of
services offered by our agency.

Melissa Maulden, M.A., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Melissa Maulden came to coastal Georgia following her father's military service.  Melissa has been
a long-time resident of Long County who served the school system for several years before
dedicating herself to the helping profession.  Melissa specializes in working with at-risk youth,
victims of abuse, and treatment of sexual abusers.  Her contributions are critical to the safety of our

Gloria Hance, M.Ed., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Gloria Hance is a native of the Savannah area who specializes in substance abuse treatment and
couples counseling.  Gloria has a long history of providing inpatient therapy and outpatient
treatment.  Gloria utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help her clients improve their daily
functioning and social interactions.  

Thomas Morgan, Ph.D., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Tom Morgan serves as the IFI team leader for Darsey, Black and Associates.  He is a school
counselor on Fort Stewart who is highly dedicated to helping our community's youth succeed.  
Tom's commitment to the children served by our agency is evident by the care he provides to each
individual and family served.

Angela Harris, M.A., LPC
Clinical Associate

Angela Harris has years of experience working with high-risk populations.  She serves as a
member of our IFI team and remains dedicated to working with at-risk youth served by the
program.  Angela has a special talent for bonding with the consumers she serves and her
dedication to helping children is evident by the commitment she demonstrates to all consumers.

Jason Nietzke, M.A., LPC
Clinical Associate

Jason Nietzke specializes in assessment and treatment of sex offenders.  Jason also provides
in-home therapy and parent education to assist our community members with family preservation
and improved functioning.

Christina Merrill, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Associate

Christina Merrill's extensive knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of others assist her in
providing services to at-risk youth served by our IFI team.  Christina also provides in-home therapy
and parent education to assist members of our community in preserving family unity.

Krystal Mehalko, M.Ed., LPC
Clinical Associate

Krystal Mehalko is a native of Coastal Georgia who graduated from First Presbyterian Academy
before studying at Georgia Southern University.  Krystal's thorough assessment techniques have
benefited hundreds of families across the coastal region as she has made recommendations to
help families overcome boundaries and reunite with one another.

Renee Sylvester, M.A. LAPC
Clinical Associate

Renee Sylvester is a military spouse who arrived in coastal Georgia in 2007.  Renee holds a
Bachelor's degree and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling.  
Renee provides assessments, counseling, and education to families involved with the
Department of Family and Children Services in order to improve parents' capacities to care for
children and to preserve families.

Jennifer Tart, B.S.
Clinical Associate

Jennifer Tart came to coastal Georgia with her military family.  She is a recent graduate of the
University of Georgia at Athens.  Jennifer provides transportation services, case management, and
parent education in effort to assist families in our area in improving family unit and achieving

Anna Lane
Clinical Associate

As a former DFCS supervisor and current DJJ probation officer, Anna Lane contributes years of
experience and knowledge to our agency.  Anna's primary function is to evaluate homes in effort to
have children placed in foster care reunited with relatives.

Administrative Staff:

Toni Allbritton
Practice Manager

Toni has lived in Coastal Georgia since 2003. Toni has years of experience dealing with insurance
companies and billing. Toni serves as our agency's practice manager, assisting with policy
development and all aspects of daily operations.

Linda Doughty
Assistant Practice Manager/Assitant Billing Specialist

Linda Knotts has been in our area since 2008.  Linda has dedicated herself to improving our
agency's programs and is diligent in ensuring consumers receive appropriate services in a timely
manner.  Linda's willingness to learn and to share innovations has brought several programmatic
improvements to our organization.

Lanesha Nesbit
Billing Specialist

Lanesha Nesbit was a military spouse and is now a home owner in Savannah.  Lanesha's years
of experience as a medical biller have assisted our agency in improving financial processes.  
Lanesha holds a key position within our agency and is critical to our daily operations.  Her
dedication and strong work ethic are evident in everything she does.

Holly Barfield
IFI Coordinator/Amerigroup Specialist

Holly Barfield is a military spouse who arrived in Coastal Georgia in 2012. She demonstrates her
dedication to the families in our area by working to coordinate services in hopes of helping
families achieve reunification.  Holly's ability to juggle multiple demands and her willingness to go
above and beyond the call of duty make her a key member of the DBA team.

Angela Garrett
CCFA Coordinator/Wrap Around Coordinator

Angela Garrett is a military spouse who came to our area in 2011. Angela holds an Associate's
Degree in Health Administration.

Alyse Fandrich
Billing Assistant/IFI Provider

Alyse Fandrich is a native of Glennville, Georgia. Alyse holds a Bachelor's degree and is currently
pursuing a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling.
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